Morris County, NJ

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Digital Data - General Information

Digital data is available for download. Please note that most files are in compressed (zip) format and will need to be extracted before use.

Click on the file format icon to download.

File format guide:

ESRI Shapefile
Text file

Contour lines of the County must be downloaded from our FTP server. Please email MCGIS at or call the Morris County GIS Section/IT-Helpdesk at (973) 285-6900 for connection information to the FTP server.

Avaliable datasets

Name Description Format(s)
Base Map
Parcels Parcels polygon geometry - not linked to MODIV
MODIV parcels Parcels polygon geometry linked to MODIV tax records  
Tax blocks Tax blocks polygon geometry
Addresses Address points
Structures Polygon geometry of building footprints, etc.
Municipalities Polygon geometry of municipalities
County boundary Polygon geometry of Morris County
Contours - 4 foot 4 foot contours generated from 2005 DEM SEE FTP
Street Centerlines A subset of the NJOGIS centerline dataset with local corrections
Railroad Stations Point features of railroad stations
Railroads Linear features of railroads
Zoning Zoning polygon geometry
Overlay Zoning Overlay zoning polygon geometry
Zoning - Pre-Highlands Regulations Static zoning polygon geometry as of January 1, 2004
Overlay Zoning - Pre-Highlands Regulations Static overlay zoning polygon geometry as of January 1, 2004
Storm water Storm water point geometry along County roads
Municipal Codes Municipal codes to help in FTP municipal downloads
FEMA - Revised Preliminary FIRM (Flood Insurance Rate Maps) Layer provided as a courtesy. Reference February 26, 2016. For more information, visit FEMA site
Morris County - FIRMs Comparison Map Existing FIRMs vs Prelim. 2016 FIRMs - areas of flood risk change highlighted. Layer provided as a courtesy.

Links to other data sources

NJ aerial orthophotograhpy downloads:

NJOGIS imagery access through a Web Map Service:

NJ data downloads (NJGIN):



NJ Highlands Council Data:


News and Events

  • FEMA plans to release Morris County‚Äôs revised preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) in late August, 2017.

    July 5, 2017:

    Visit the Map Adoption Processpage on the Morris County Planning and Public Works web page for more information.

  • FEMA Preliminary Flood Hazard Mapping

    March 28th, 2016

    FEMA's 2016 Morris County (MC) Flood Hazard Mapping is available. Visit the FEMA websitefor more information. As a courtesy, MC has provided GIS Shapefiles on our Digital Data downloads page, and also created Comparative Maps showing areas of flood risk change between Existing FIRMs and Prelim. 2016 FIRMs.