Geographic Information System Services

A section of the Morris County Office of Information Technology

Morris County, NJ

About Us

Morris County Geographic Information System (MCGIS) Services is a section of the Office of Information Technology (as of December 1st, 2013) at the County of Morris, New Jersey. This website was developed as part of our mission to improve the services of the Morris County GIS section by providing public access to maps, data, and information which were previously only available by visiting our office.

Now the County of Morris offers the ability to customize a map anywhere within Morris County through our free interactive mapping application that can now access an assortment of layers of data. Here you can examine several thematic maps anywhere within Morris County, NJ, or customize your own maps with the ability to turn layers on/off. Our enhanced searching capabilities allow you to mine through data associated with many map layers. Zoom in to your area of interest, toggle between features and maps, and print said maps from your own computer!

Our Mission

The mission of MCGIS Services is to lead in the development of a shared Geographic Information System resource for local decision makers and the general public, to support County GIS users, to develop precision site/user specific applications, and to share information, ideas, strategies, and solutions in the management of GIS and related technologies, in order to provide more efficient and effective mapping services to Morris County's agencies and constituents.

Morris County government, in cooperation with the community and local government units, strives through a planned process to deliver quality products and services that address public needs. We wish to evolve into a Geographic Information System that will enable innovation, provide quick and easy access to information, deliver community impact, and support informed decision making. Morris County GIS is a standards-driven organization that embraces best management practices, and is committed to utilizing the most current mapping technologies available.

News and Events

  • FEMA plans to release Morris County’s revised preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) in late August, 2017.

    July 5, 2017:

    Visit the Map Adoption Processpage on the Morris County Planning and Public Works web page for more information.

  • FEMA Preliminary Flood Hazard Mapping

    March 28th, 2016

    FEMA's 2016 Morris County (MC) Flood Hazard Mapping is available. Visit the FEMA websitefor more information. As a courtesy, MC has provided GIS Shapefiles on our downloads page, and also created Comparative Maps showing areas of flood risk change between Existing FIRMs and Prelim. 2016 FIRMs.