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The Morris County Geographic Information Systems (MCGIS) Section (of the Office of Information Technology) welcomes you to explore Morris County GIS via MCPRIMA (Morris County Public Resource Interactive Mapping Application). Please select from any of the mapping applications in apps menu under PUBLIC APPS to explore our data for free through your internet browser. (Please note that an updated version of Adobe Flash Player may be required). The interactive mapping applications under LOGIN REQUIRED APPS are applications for municipal/local agency use with editing capabilities to assist us in updating our GIS inventories. Please contact MCGIS Services for more information regarding these secure sites. For detailed information regarding our available applications, please visit our mapping page.


The information provided via this web presence was compiled by the Morris County Office of Information Technology, GIS Section. The GIS Section strives to provide the most accurate data and analysis possible, however we do not guarantee the accuracy of this product. Morris County accepts no responsibility for any errors, omissions, or positional inaccuracies. Although information from land surveys may have been used in the creation of this product, in no way does this product represent or constitute a land survey. The information provided on/via this domain is used to locate, identify and inventory parcels/geography in Morris County for deliberative, advisory, and consultative purposes ONLY, and is NOT to be construed or used as a legal description. Users of the information contained in this product are strongly cautioned to verify all information before making any decisions.

News and Events

FEMA 90-day Appeal Process Has Begun For the Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMS)

February 20, 2018:

The 90-day Appeal Process runs from February 15th to May 15, 2018. Flood Hazard Determination Notices have been sent to municipal officials and public notification concerning the appeal process were placed in local papers on two separate dates.
Digital versions of the maps can be viewed here. This website also provides a search function for specific addresses.
Or you can download the GIS files from the FEMA Map Service Center (search for your community, look under Preliminary Products and download the Preliminary FIRM Database).
For more information on the FEMA FIRM Process look at the following pages: Map Adoption Process, FIRMs, Property Owner Info, or the Municipal Officials page.
Morris County GIS did a comparison of the Existing FIRMS and the draft 2016 FIRMS, but not the August 2017 preliminary update which only updated areas along the Passaic River. Those maps can be downloaded at our Digital Data page. Scroll to the bottom of the downloads, look under Other and download the Morris County – FIRMS Comparison Map.